Seeking Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help with our Non-Profit organization. This is a volunteer position and not paid position. Our program deals in helping veterans who suffer from PTSD/TBI related injuries. You can learn more about us by reading our mission statement below.

Positions we are looking for:

Secetary- Someone to help organize paperwork, maintain calender for our members etc.

Event Coordinator- To help us in planning and developing recreational events, fundraisers, and community service projects.

Global War on Terrorism Veteran Mentors- To help find and lead fellow GWT Veterans on their transitioning and recovery from wounds, and help them return to civilian life.

Recreational Therapists- To help design Recreational Events for team building, bonding, and more. Allowing the veteran to see what recreation events they are able to do with their disablilities.

Certified Counselors-Preferably with either military or combat experience who could donate small amount of time each month.

Yoga Instructors- to help Wounded Service member cope with there PTSD or rehab wounds

Our mission at The Fight Continues is to assist in providing transitional help to Veterans and their immediate family throughout the United States. We dedicate our lives to our brethren of all branches of the military, for only through volunteerism, dedication and American Patriotism, will we be able to create a national support system to stop our Veterans from suicidal tendencies and make the transition from being a military serviceman or woman, to a successful civilian Veteran. We understand the trials and tribulations war can play ones mental status and how that can be transferable to others. By creating a national awareness of PTSD and TBI to the civilian sector, we will create a better atmosphere for Veterans entering the workforce.

If you have the time to help us our mission and goals we ask that you either reply to this email, visit our website or call us directly.

If you live in the following states please use the corresponding number:

Illinois and Missouri please contact either James at (618)-402-4622 or Angie at (618)-671-2098

Michigan please contact Eric at (517) 927-1382

Texas area please call Brandon at  817-996-4134 or Cara at 817-996-8572

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