Eric R Calley

Eric R Calley grew up in Lyons, Michigan and enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2002: after the World Trade Center fell Sept.11 2001. He stopped going to college at Grand Valley Statebecause his country called. After boot camp at MCRD, he went to school of Infantry as 0311. When School of Infantry was finished, he was chosen for Light Armored ReconnaissanceBattalion, 0313.

Eric hit 29 Palms California in October of 2002 and joined Third Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.  In December of 2002, he was chosen for temporary assignment duty with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and deployed to Camp Commando Kuwait in January of 2003. While assigned with First Marine Expeditionary Force CG Jump Command Post in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the advance from Kuwait to Baghdad, Iraq, his superlative technical and tactical proficiency enabled the Commanding General to exercise command and control from anywhere on the battlefield. Additionally Eric maintained vehicles in the unit, and provided security for the Commanding General and senior officers throughout.

After returning to 29 Palms, Eric successfully accomplished 2 months as acting recruiter for Ionia County. Lcpl. Calley was selected for Marine Security Guard School and made it thru 6 weeks of training before he was dropped from the course. Shortly thereafter, he deployed for the second time to the Soonie Triangle with Charlie Co. 3rd LAR.  During that deployment, Eric was a part of many important missions as a scout on a Light Armored Vehicle, which led to the capture of many important enemy prisoners of war. During Operation River Blitz, Cpl. Calley’s platoon successfully accomplished a counter-ambush mission against the insurgents across the Euphrates River in Hit and Hidetha. After returning from his second tour in Iraq, Eric was honorably discharged in 2006.

​After returning to Michigan, Eric started at Lansing Community College and earned his associates degree in General Education. While transitioning into college and society, things became difficult and a downward spiral began. Dealing with PTSD, alcoholism, and other medical disabilities, Eric began his road to recovery.  In 2009, Eric Married his wife Melinda and had Gage Richard Calley September 26th 2011. During his recovery, Eric went to Midwest Marines Foundation in June of 2012.Midwest Marines Foundation is a non-profit organization tailored specifically to help Marines transition and start the healing process.

He met James Sperry, a team leader and fellow Conrad of the USMC.  Sobriety followed and transitioning into the person he wants to be began.  James and I started motivational speaking to student veterans in August touring 4 colleges and the Battle Creek VA in Michigan. Shortly thereafter due to sobriety and goals being reached, he became a Focus Marine and came back to Midwest Marines Foundation for round two, this time helping other Marines like the team leaders, and focus staff helped Eric.

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Eric Calley
Ph: (517) 927-1382

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