Our Greatest Ally, Military Families

Behind every Veteran or serviceman and woman, there is our main source of strength, military families.  They are our main support structure that is not only vital to every active military member, as well as every Veteran who are recuperating from their wounds, whether mental or physical.  As the inevitable comes true and America’s military downsizes, servicemen and women transition into different roles as civilian Veterans.  It will be our military families who will have to deal with our wounds as well as aid us in recovery.  PTSD is transferable, our families as well as us have to learn how to best deal with it, and be that main source of strength to encourage, love and assist in the recovery of trying to put the pieces back together.  TBI and PTSD can be the reckoning of families if not recognized.  Awareness to not only families, but to Veterans as well can help that transition and stress levels stay at ease.  The Warrior to Soul-mate program should be emulated nation-wide, that the VA offers in Michigan to better communication with your spouse as well as ways to deal with the stress levels which is essential.   We owe a debt of gratitude to our military families; they help us in many ways and are always there for us when we need them.  Military Families are our backbone; the reason why we join the services in the first place, to protect our families and defend our nation, and our freedoms our constitution provides.  America owes our military families a thank you on this Veterans Day, for they live it as much as we do.

Written by Eric Calley

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