Attention all Americans

As dusk turns to dawn and dawn turns to daylight, an unusual epidemic will strike in the future.  Servicemen nation-wide will be forced to a life of uncertainty, trading in combat boots for dress shoes as budget cuts from our president take effect.  Facing a foreign world, one that will eat up a Veteran dealing with disabilities and difficulties of what to do now?  His life as he knew it, was taken in a blink of an eye.   Who is there to assist that proud, true American hero that has risked life and limb to protect humanity?  The Marine Corps made 30 DISCS, Marines all throughout the United States to help out our physically wounded Marines as well as our silent wounds (ptsd/tbi) and problems with transitioning into every-day life.  But who’s there for the other branches of service to assist and always be faithful to them?  That is the question America.  Why haven’t the rest of the Armed Forces jumped on board and mimic the Wounded Warrior Regiment and the vital role they have in redirecting Marine Veterans to a better path and realm of life.  Did they not deserve it?  I think they do.  We as Americans need to focus on the problem at hand; we need to ask our leaders why only one branch of the armed forces, the Marine Corps, realized our silent wounds and transitioning problems and are putting time and dedication to be Always Faithful to our brotherhood? This is a cry for help America, a cry to assist me in helping every Veteran, from every other branch, get the transitioning help and support they need to adapt to civilian life and make the uncertainty a certainty. Our Veterans were there when you needed them for the last decade; Help us be there for our Veterans as they need us. Donate today to help The Fight Continues create an everlasting support network for all our Veterans and Servicemen.

Written By Eric Calley

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