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The Fight Continues, a transitional tool spreading its wings to help our Veterans transition from active duty serviceman/woman to Veteran and civilian life.  For many, this is very difficult and with our silent wounds spewing out more prevalent than ever, time is of the essence.  Over 700000 Veterans and service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder in the last 13 years of war.  The Fight Continues needs donations and volunteers to fill some of the void to catch those Veterans that are slipping through the cracks, ultimately ending up in 18-24 Veterans committing suicides a day.  The reason why is transitional help is rarely available unless you served in the Marines which have the Wounded Warrior Regiment.  We as Americans need to stand up and ask our Congressmen, Senators and Department of Defense, why doesn’t the Army have a wounded warrior element in place for transitional help to their brave men and women who fought and provided a blanket of safety for America?  As our elements come home and our wars come to a close, the real war begins.  The silent torment of PTSD, TBI, and all other disabilities come more prevalent within every aspect of every-day society.  Who will be there for them when the VA can’t handle the amount of new Veterans applying due to the budget cuts and downsizing our military in such a short span of time.  For all colleges; think of it this way, every Veteran who attends your college increases in pay 30,000 a year, which boost the economy as well as the college itself.  Why wouldn’t we take more length to advise and help our Veterans by holding Veteran only classrooms or VA representatives at colleges paid for by the VA, not the college, to advise students of benefits and programs available?  The Fight Continues will be there to do our best with helping with the task ahead, but we need your help and cannot do it alone.  Join The Fight Continues and make a difference in your community, or donate today to make the transitioning of our Veterans more successful.

Eric Calley

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