Welcome our Newest Team Member Brandon Lemery

Brandon Lemery, from Enfield, CT always admired the United States Marine Corps; so much he joined the U.S. Navy to be a part of it. The title, the uniform, the brotherhood, it all pulled him in. After graduating from Enrico Fermi High School in 2003 he went into the local Marine recruiting office and informed the Sergeant he wanted to be the “medic.” After learning the Marines didn’t actually have their own medial support, he enlisted in the United States Navy in 2005 as a Hospital Corpsman.

After graduating boot camp and completing Hospital Corpsman “A” school he was sent to Camp Pendleton for Field Medical Service School, where he made the transformation from being a Navy Sailor to a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, and learn the life-saving skills he would utilize when attached to a Marine unit. During his training, he excelled, and his love for the Corps grew even more. He learned the importance of being a Corpsman, and how vital his support actually was to the Marines he would serve with.
After completing another round of training he was attached to Combat Engineers and deployed to Fallujah, Iraq during the surge in 2007. His unit provided direct support to Regimental Combat Team 6 and engaged in many of the vital operations that attributed to the Iraqi turnover and troop withdrawal a few years later.

Upon return from his deployment, Brandon came home to more than just PTSD. His father was dying from a terminal form of cancer, and his wife had miscarried. Being stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, he was unable to be around his family when they needed him most, and it tore him apart. During the midst of this emotional rollercoaster, he was told he would be leaving again within a few weeks for another deployment to Iraq. Completely exhausted of all hope, his luck seemed to turn around when a friend volunteered to take his place. He was also granted a transfer to Groton, Connecticut but sadly his father passed away only days after his arrival. Completely distraught, he began separating himself from everyone and everything in his life he once knew. The motivation he once had was fading as quickly as his naval career, and he was medically retired in November of 2008.

Upon retirement, Brandon knew he wanted to continue serving his fellow Veterans. He worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Health Technician for a PTSD Residential Program as well as a Veteran Representative for a Congressman in Connecticut. He attended the Midwest Marine Foundation in St. Louis, MO in December of 2012 and met James Sperry, Eric Calley and Brandon Blackstone. He was invited to become part of the team and dedicates his life to helping service members in hopes that no other man or woman in uniform has to feel the way he did; forgotten.

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