Great Article by David A McArthur II “Moose”

December 2011
Last week i awoke to the sound of mother crying on the floor. As i walked down the steps i saw two marines getting into a black car. Mom had a letter in her hand. I did not understand why she was crying so hard on the floor. I asked why she was there and she looked up at me but her face was so pale She told me to go and get my sister and she would be right up after she washed up. While i walked up the stairs to my sisters room my dad was standing at the top. He was in his dress uniform and looked so happy to see me. i ran to him to give him a hug but he stopped me. He said that i was the man of the house now. That he would not be returning home from this deployment. I did not understand. He was in front of me. How could he not be comming home. He explained that he was injured in an explosion and that the angels brought him home. He said that he is now going to heaven and will wait for us. He will watch us grow from the floors of heaven. I did not cry for i knew what i have to do. My father stood and saluted me and walked away. As i stand there saluteing nothing my mother walked up the steps. She asked what i was doing and all i could tell her was that it will be ok. That i am the man of the house now. I am only 11 years old but i will take care of you and my sister i told her.
They brought him home yesterday. They drove him through the town. People were out with flags and signs. We were in a car behind him. I have never felt so proud in my life as i did while i was in that car. We stopped at a funeral home where he was laid out for all to see. He looked so strong but yet so sweet laying there with his uniform on. He was stacked with medals. He is my dad and he is my hero. I told him that i will not let him down. I will take care of the family and i will follow in his shoes. I did not leave his side during the whole ceremony. I greeted everyone and told them not to cry for he is in heaven and he is happy.
They laid him in the ground this morning. There was a bunch of other marines there and they shot guns and played instruments. A flag was folded and given to my mother. I was handed a small medal Eagle that i was told is the symbol of the Marine Corps. I was told that every marine wears it on all of their uniforms. Still i did not cry. I knew i had to be strong for my family. I put that pin in my wallet and i will carry it everyday, even when i get my own.
My dad is a United States Marine. He is my Hero and he is my bestfriend. Now he is my angel. I will not let him down. I will take care of my family and i will continue to do all the things that i love. I will show him how well he taught me. I will prove to him how strong he made me.
Written by David A McArthur II “Moose” -Copyright © 2012
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