Gold Star Families by Eric Calley

Gold Star Families,

To all our Gold Star Families across the Nation, realize you are not alone. Your loved ones live through us every day and are never forgotten.  The blood your son or daughter shed and the sacrifice they made was not in vain, they will live in each and every one of us until the day we join them at heavens gates.  The courage, honor, and loyalty they showed will live in infamy; every time the flag rises tall and fly’s proud and true, it is a testament of our Nations loss of our countrymen and women from each and every battle from history’s past to present.  Our Nation owes each and every one of our Gold Star Mothers and Fathers a debt of gratitude.  Each and every day let us remember that the freedoms we enjoy and experience only came to be because of their son or daughters sacrifice to keep America under a blanket of safety.  The men and women we lose are irreplaceable, one of a kind, and there are no words to describe the loss you have went through, unless one has been through it themselves.  Know that on Veterans Day, our fallen, your loved ones, and America’s true heroes will be remembered and recognized throughout the country. On Veterans Day they’re names will echo throughout our nation and forever live in our country’s hearts and souls.  Join America’s Veterans who served on the right and left of your loved ones and find comfort to heal within each other on this day, for you also are not alone.

Written by Eric Calley-Copyright © 2012


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