TFC Demands Action from U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg, on Tony Conley Radio Show,- (A MUST LISTEN)

Eric Calley was interviewed on “The Tony Conley Show” last week where he demands help from a U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg. To be able to address Capital Hill about bring USMC DISC Program to all Branches of the military. To help active duty wounded and ill make a successful transition back into civilian life. Also raising the DISC Program would cause the other branches to go back and check on the Veterans that have gotten out with wounds physically or mentally since September 11, 2001. Our Veteran have been at War for the last thirteen years with no Victory Day Celebration in site. This constant stress combined with everyday stress back here at home. As well as, the medications the veteran is on and/or self medicating with other legal and illegal drugs. There are so many factors that are weighing down on our Veterans, it seems that with everyday the weight gets a little heavier. We need your help to make this weight a little less. Write your Congressmen about saving our Veterans from suicide and to stand up the DISC Program for all US Military Branches. Definition of DISC Program Below:

District Injured Support Coordinators (DISC) are Marines who are located throughout the country to conduct face-to-face visits and telephone outreach to wounded, ill and injured (WII) Marines and their families who are recovering within their assigned region. The DISCs assist WII Marines who are experiencing extensive transition challenges, convalescing at home and those who may be away from a local base or station’s resources. The DISCs assist Marines with psychological health, legal, benefits, employment, housing, and many other matters.


Article written by Infantry Marine with multiple TBIs so sorry about the grammar!

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Helping Veterans Return Their Lives to Normal

Eric Calley was recently featured on Detroit 20 News discussing the new program called “Warrior Odyssey” please see the article and video below for more information.

A new program called “Warrior Odyssey” is designed to help veterans of military branches transition back to civilian life after getting back home.

Eric Calley from Michigan, who is a veteran himself, is helping lead the nation wide program here in our state.

Many veterans deal with suicidal thoughts because its difficult for them to adapt to their life prior to the military.

To see Eric Calley’s video of this story please click here.

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Video: Tenth Anniversary of the Iraq War

Eric Calley was featured in a TV Interview on the Tenth Anniversary of the Iraq War on Fox 47 in Michigan. You can view this video below:

Dog Training of Eric Calley’s Dog Liberty Part 2

Liberty is busy with the Dog Training to become a PTSD dog for Eric, and this is a follow up on her wonderful progress she is making! Stop by our site to learn more

Video: Veteran’s Day Event To Honor Fallen Soldiers Needs Volunteers

Yesterday Eric Calley and James Sperry were interviewed on Michigan’s WILX news program about our Reading of the Fallen. This was a great story that explained our Mission, and our need for volunteers to help read at their local events. Below is the video of this interview:

Video:Meet Eric Calley From The Fight Continues

Dog Training of Eric Calley’s Dog Liberty

This is a video of Eric Calley’s dog Liberty. Liberty is currently undergoing dog training to become Eric’s PTSD dog. Liberty is currently being trained at This Able Veteran in Carbondale, IL for more information click here to visit their website.

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Video: “The Fight Continues” – veteran service project

This is an interview Eric Calley did with Michigan Channel WGNT where they are showcasing our mission to read the names of fallen soldiers on Veterans Day. Please see video below:

Video:Eric Calley: Charlie Company 3rd LAR

This is a video from Eric Calley’s Company-Charlie Company 3rd LAR

Video: Michigan Veteran Works To Honor All Fallen U.S. Soldiers

Eric Calley was featured this morning on WILX In Michigan on his work with The Fight Continues on getting of U.S. Soldiers who were killed fighting for our country. To view this video please see below.

Michigan Veteran Works To Honor All Fallen U.S. Soldiers

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