Step climbing event September 7th to honor those who perished on September 11th

Come join us at the The Cooley Law School Stadium September 7th to honor those who first took action and those who perished on the events of September 11th





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Five Bedroom House Fully Furnished, To Be Given Away To Greater St. Louis Area OIF OEF Purple Heart Veteran- Apply Here.


Any Wounded OIF/OEF Veteran in St. Louis Greater Area please get into contact with us, we have a reliable source that has has informed us that an organization has a 5 bed room home in St. Louis that is being offered for ownership to any honorably discharged, purple heart veteran. The home comes with no mortgage and is fully furnished. Occupancy is July, 2014. Please email Short Bio on Service, Photo, and contact information to To Verify Information.


WTPGB Blessing of Bikes Event, First Ever Medal of Honor Recipient’s Bike was Blessed

Vietnam Vets 40 years later

This is a great video of our military guys who were held in North Vietnam
prisons. I had never seen this before and I had no idea how these guys
felt all these years about Nixon. See the Vietnam POWs – 40 years later

Looking For Veteran Advocates in St. Louis Greater Area.


We are currently looking for anyone in the St. Louis Greater Area that can help assist in providing opportunities to local veterans. This positions is volunteer position, your approved expenses will be payed. We are looking for someone that has military experience or has been around the military lifestyle. This position details being able to return phone calls, emails, and filling out small amounts of paperwork. There will be travel involved to take some veterans to Transitional Retreats in Pennsylvania and Missouri. Also being able to stay calm in high intensity situations is a plus. You will be trained on all requested tasks. If interested Please email me “Why you think you would be a good fit for this Position?” to, with the Subject line, TFC-VOL. Thank You.

Your Donations Helping 100% Disabled St. Louis Army Veteran.

Your Donations have gone to help a Iraq War Veteran, that served in the United States Army as Combat Engineer. While his tours of duty in Iraq, he was exposed to IEDs, small arms fire, and rocket propelled grenades. While also in country he was stationed right by a large burn pit. Since his retirement from the Army, due to his tours of duties, his health has declined. Starting with seizures, memory lapses, respiratory issues, and severe PTSD.

He was lucky to have a supportive wife and two beautiful children. That help keep him moving forward everyday. The unlucky part is the lack of support he has had from Veteran Affairs. They have been fighting them tooth and nail for every benefit for the last five years. His wife has taken off work to be able to take care of him and there two children. Needless to say their money is very tight. So, there main vehicle had gone a good amount of time without a brake change, and oil change. To the point to where the pads were down to the metal and the rotors were in badly need of replacement. There oil was black, thick, and low.

After, he contacted TFC in St. Louis, about his problem and worried about the safety of his family to commute to school and VA appointment safely. We immediately looked at what funding we had to help and how we could assist. We ended up having him come over to a Veteran’s House that worked on vehicles. We used your donated money to get his familie’s vehicle back up to par. We Thank You For Your Support.

You know of more Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran’s in Needed of Help In The Greater St. Louis Area. Please send Text, to 618-402-4622.

2004 David Hoban

2 Year Paid Public Relations Internship at VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

The TCF internship is a comprehensive two-year program designed to train candidates for positions within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This program provides the foundation for developing interns from entry level to full performance level. It includes planned training, rotational assignments, and on-the-job work experiences. Travel required 1-3 times per year. With more than 150 medical centers and hundreds of clinics nationwide, it is possible that you will need to relocate for a position. You will be required to sign a mobility statement before entering the TCF program. If relocation is necessary for permanent placement, VA pays for moving expenses.

Technical Career Field (TCF) Internship in Public Relations (Public Affairs) at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System



Veterans appreciation night at the tiger stadium to order you can download the flyer and fill it out or contact Carolyn Shanka at fax 313-471-2599

3rd Annual Hero Run

2014 Hero Run Flyer-page-001
Hello Hero Runners!

The 3rd Annual Hero Run is just around the corner! Now is the time to sign up and save money! Register by May 10th, 2014 and automatically be entered for a chance to win BRAD PAISLEY TICKETS!

Register at or complete the attached flyer! Mailed in forms must be postmarked before May 10th to be entered in the contest!

Happy Training!

Katie Bergheger

The Loss of a Loved One

The Roller Coaster of Emotional Loss of a Loved One
The Loss of Liberty burdened me deeply and left me feeling alone, emotional and loss of purpose to be who I became over the last two years. The guidance and help with Post Traumatic Stress, losing more time, and how I’d go about mentoring others where all in question. How could I move forward without the presence of my service dog? It led to an emotional breakdown, in the ER with panic attacks, and a mode of depression that followed. If it wasn’t for the constant support of my family, friends, TAV(Behesha and Doc Hunter), Semper Fi Fund and unbeknown to me at the time two lovely ladies who started raising money for me to get another Doberman, Karen Straffon and Jolanthe Bassett I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am. Which brings me to say thank you and to take the positive Liberty provided verse the negative I have been experiencing. Liberty helped me in ways I will forever be grateful, emotionally strengthened me, showed me I had feelings, Empathy and warmed an ice cold heart after my stent in the Marine Corps. She showed me what happiness was and is, memories I will cherish forever. It is support like this that our Veterans need across our nation at this trivial time as 250,000 men and women become Veterans a year for the next three years. I am asking America to help me help others by adopting The Fight Continues and becoming a part of a support network that can save thousands. We as Veterans need your help in putting District Injured Support Coordinators in every state for all branches of our military. They fought for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, so lets fight for them in America and demand the support that’s needed. Semper Fidelis, Eric Calley

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